aluminum 10" nunchaku


Was just wondering are these faster and lighter than the 12" acrylic nunchaku?, because im really thinking about getting them. also i heard there are titanium nunchaku, are thoese lighter than the aluminum? lol sorry for all the questions. just looking for a pair of flashy lightweight nunchaku that are some type of metal lol

I have some 10 inch solid aluminum chucks that I made.  I wouldn't call them light by any means. Prolly a little bit heavier then the acrylic chucks w/chain I've use before, but hey feel much better/solid then they acrylics.    my old favs.  (I almost never use them any more)   Titanium would be cool but probably expensive.. ??    they would surly have to be hollow.  (Ive never seen them made before)

I'd say, if you want light chucks, make some wood ones with flashy reflective tape or paints on it, (you can make them look just like metal.)  But if you want a Metal chuck, then yeah, I'd say aluminum is prolly your best bet.

You can try some steel conduit found at most hardware stores.

Sold in ten foot lengths for 4 bucks, you  can't  go wrong. Cut to your desired length and chain with an "H" connection. You can make 5 pair out of one piece.

Titanium chucks would be really expensive and heavier than aluminum. What's your goal? Do you want the heaviest ones you can get? Are you just trying to find the lightest wood ones you can find?

just looking for light metal ones for fast action lol.

ChuckinWitHarry: got some 202 stainless steel "freestyle" chucks. They are about 10 inches and the lightest pair in my collection. My only complaint is that they got the crap inside that makes them jingle when you use them (I don't like jangling nunchucks).

And got some aluminum chucks that weigh less than 200 grams for $2 minus shipping and handling. I recommend either one.

I have been using is steel, feeling good! 300grams

After a little research (and making chucks) allow me to revisit this topic. Here are some chucks I made out of steel conduit from Lowes. I think they are half inch.

If you are looking for light chucks, I do not recommend steel conduit. Mines are hollow and definitely the heaviest pair in my collection. I do not use them inside because these are the kind of chucks to get away from you during a wrist roll and end up through the wall of the room you are in, the insulation, the wall of the next room over, and into the fishes tank sitting on the table.

You had it right from the beginning. A thin hollow aluminum rod will make perfect chucks. I got a pair I made from a red aluminum broomstick handle. Not my favorite color but they are extremely light. Just make sure that the aluminum isn't too thick. As an engineer, I do not recommend titanium. It costs more and in an ideal pure form, titanium is about twice as dense as aluminum (it's heavier). This might change with various grades of alloys but the fact remains, finding lighter aluminum is much easier.

As a craftsman, I recommend titanium only because titanium chucks would be pretty freakin badass.

Just go to a hardware store and check the aluminum conduit (if they have it). You might also want to check rods used for closet racks and other household racks. Or you can do like me and most other DIY chuckers and get a trusty old broomstick. Pick the lightest one, cut it up with a sawzall, pop two holes in it for your string, and you should be ready to rock!  :mrgreen:

Yes bro, you are right about stainless. The tubes of stainless are heavy.
Chinese nunchakus are very light using stainless, but they produce it on another way, without using the tubes...

My favorite material for light nunchakus is aluminium too  :thumb:
Easier to create a 200 grams nunchaku with aluminium than stainless.
Most part of homade stainless i have seen have 300 grams.

I never saw a Titanium nunchakus as aeronauticalninja told, but it would be awesome, hahaha.


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