new swivel kits fix your broken ball bearing chuks
i just fixed three pairs of broken chuks thanks to a couple 4 dollar ball bearing swivel replacement kits, and some good advise from nunchuxX2, They sell the swivel kits on most martial arts online stores, I got mine from AWMA.COM, heres the link

  its a good way to keep those old pairs of chux swinging. all you will need is a nail punch, vice grips and a drill, everything else comes in the kit the hardest part is taking apart the broken chuks, for this i suggest reading nunchuxX2s post called caring for your bearings in the general forum. they dont send instructions so if you need any help let me know
I've already seen these swivel kits on pics where people use them to build their own nunchakus.
Well, I still won't buy nunchakus but will continue building them by my own.

Thanks anyway  :thumb:
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