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WWW Awards
« on: March 15, 2008, 09:10:56 PM »

WWW.FREESTYLEFORUM.NET is the home of an international community of freestyle nunchaku enthusiasts, dedicated to furthering the art of freestyle nunchaku. We discuss the characteristics of different nunchaku designs, swap new moves and training tips, offer guidance on how to perform fire nunchaku, share freestyle and tutorial videos through youtube, organize tournaments and ongoing competitions, challenge each other to break records and pass mini-games, review products and stores as well as offering advice on how to construct your own - and all the other stuff that comes with a lively internet community!

Freestyle Forum and Site
This is the board where administrators make announcements.
Report any problems you've experienced with the forum here.
Suggest ideas for forum features, board structures, fund raisers and awareness raisers here.
Paypal Donations - This forum is supported by member donations. Details here.
Know Your Admin Team - This forum is run by a dedicated administration team. Details here.
Site History - This forum has been through many stages of development. Details here.
Member Awards - It's possible for members to earn many special awards that are stored in their profile. Details here.
Error Messages - Sometimes the forum experiences technical problems. Report error messages here.

Member Announcements
This is the board where members make announcements.
Post here if you're going away from the forum for some time, or have just returned.
Arrange nunchaku meet-ups here.
MSN Messenger List - A list of forum members MSN messenger contacts.
Myspace - A link to the forum myspace and list of members myspace pages.
Put Your Map Location - A forum account to show members' map locations.

Welcome Lobby
This is the board where new member introduce themselves.
Help Us Help You - A quick guide for what information to include in your introduction post.

Nunchaku General
This is the main board for general discussion about nunchaku.
Pictures of your nunchaku - Many pictures of different members nunchaku.
Choosing your chux! What your options are - A guide for newcomers to nunchaku trying to choose which set is best for them.
The Official Pro-Chux Thread - everything you need to know about the pro-chux brand of nunchaku.

Nunchaku Tips and Tricks
This is the board for specific discussion about freestyle nunchaku moves and training.
What're you working on at the moment? - A discussion thread for whatever new moves members are working on.
Hint of the day - Quick tips to help with your training.
  - Nunchuckology
  - This is a minor board used to develop a systematic approach to freestyle nunchaku theory and terminology
  - Archive
  - Old threads from the Tips and Tricks board are archived by subject matter.
  -   - Swings
  -   - Bounces
  -   - Swaps
  -   - Passes
  -   - Wrist Rolls
  -   - Digit Rolls
  -   - Body Rolls
  -   - Aerials
  -   - Flairs
  -   - Doubles
  -   - Training Tips
  -   - Misc

Fire And Glow Nunchaku
This is the board for discussing fire and glow nunchaku.
It contains VITAL SAFETY INFORMATION that should be read before considering fire spinning.
Shops - Where you can buy fire spinning equipment.
Metals - What metals you should use to build fire nunchaku.
Fuels - What fuels you should use for fire spinning.
Clothes - What clothes you should wear when fire spinning.

Nunchaku Videos
This is the main board for posting and watching nunchaku videos
Posting and commenting on videos - A quick guide to the positive attitude we expect of members comment in this board.
Youtube Username List - A list of forum members and their youtube video accounts.

Tutorial Videos
This is the board for posting and watching nunchaku tutorial videos.
Roll/Spin Moves - A collection of .GIF tutorials about roll/spin moves (the most requested tutorials)
Tutorials Index - An index of all the tutorials our members have made.
Tutorial Requests - Post requests for tutorials you'd like to see here.
Please Make Tutorials - A quick reminder for members to keep producing tutorial videos.

Challenges & Competition Discussion
This is the board for posting and watching Challenge Zone videos.
World records are kept here.
Future tournaments are planned here.
Suggest new forum competitions here.
Competition & Tournament Results - A list of results from previous forum competitions and tournaments.
The Challenge Zone - A list of all forum challenges and who's completed them.
Record & Leaders - A list of the records set in the challenge zone, and who has set the most.
Awards for Challengers - A quick announcement about the awards available for completing challenges.

Ladder Battles
This is the board for posting, watching and voting on battle videos.
Rankings & Rules - Rules for competing in the forum ladder competition and current ladder rankings.
Fixtures & Results - Fixtures for future ladder battles and results from past ladder battles.

Finished Tournaments
Old tournaments are archived here.
  - Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2008
  - The Draw - Links to all the videos and the draw for the FNWC 08.
  - Best of the Rest - A poll for the best video to not make it past the group stage.
  - The Final - ChuckNasty Vs NinjaRob Vs SixtyFourWarrior in the cup final.
  - Awards - 28 awards given out for the best video in different specialised areas.
  - Chuck-Off 2007
  - Chuck-Off Results - The top three ranked videos for each category.
  - Champion of Champions - The winner of each category pitted against each other.
  - DFF Competition 2007
  - The DFF Competition - An overview of the competition and links to the winning videos.

Martial Arts & Other Weapons
This is the board to discuss martial arts, sai, tonfa, swords and all other weapons

Other Freestyle Videos
This is the board to post and watch videos of weapon freestyles, poi, firestaff, devil sticks, juggling, pen spinning and cocktail flairs, etc.

Product & Store Reviews
This is the board for reviewing nunchaku, DVDs, and online stores.
Nunchaku List - A list of different types of nunchaku, linking to reviews where possible.
DVD List - A list of different types of nunchaku DVDs, linking to reviews where possible.
Online Store List - A list of different online stores that see nunchaku, linking to reviews where possible.

D.I.Y. Guides
This is the board for discussion and videos on how to build nunchaku, firechux, glowchux and bungychux.
Compilation of Build Guides - A compilation of different guides on how to build different types of nunchaku.

Tech Forum
This is the board for discussing hardware and software.

This is the board for discussing other websites.
Nunchaku Websites - An index of other nunchaku websites.

Spam Games
This is the board for playing spam-games. These games will not affect your post count.

Off Topic Chit Chat
This is the board for general off-topic discussion and videos.
  - The Coffee Shop
  - This is the board for serious off-topic discussion.
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